Viral Passion.

January 27, 2019

‚ÄčThe CRAZIEST thing has happened. Really, the craziest.

My car-loving little boy was featured in an article that was published on the Popular Mechanics site. And the article went viral. Days after it was published, I was told that it had been read 750,000 times, and going up. You can read it here.

The article, in essence, is a feel good story about a little boy who is passionate about cars. Specifically, the emblem do-dads on the cars. A passion that runs so deep that we created a family project where he wrote letters to as many car companies as he could and shared his passion. He asked for their help to make his dream come true: collecting car logo decals from as many car companies as possible. With a little help, he sent all the letters. And within a week, he started hearing back. And his dream began to come true. 

As his mom, I was moved by the folks at Volkswagen, Bigotti, Volvo, Honda, Lincoln, Suzuki, Porsche, Bentley, Infiniti, Jeep (and many more), who responded to my child with open hearts and generous spirits. They had nothing to gain, but they clearly responded to his passion and wanted for him to fulfill his dream.

And now, the attention of this article has aroused another wave of thoughtful generosity from all kinds of people who want to help Patch's dream come true! Perfect strangers tracked Patch down through me on Facebook Messenger and have offered to expose him to unbelievable experiences, all because they are fellow car enthusiasts and want his passion to stay alive. 

So, back to you. Passion is one thing. But what set my son's passion into a motion that would enable his dream (actually, we've now surpassed the dream) to come true, is that he announced his passion to a world of people with a kindred passion. He was five at the time, which makes it easier to do such things, but he put himself out there and asked for help. He asked the right people. And those people have embraced him and want to build him up.

When did you last examine your passions? Have you ever considered what might happen if you put yourself out there, name your passion, and ask the appropriate people for help realizing your dream? Have you ever considered that perhaps your ultimate dream exists somewhere beyond the initial dream?